A plan to improve roadways and expand mass transit—easing congestion in the Puget Sound region

One Region, One Plan

PDF version of the map
PDF version of the map

Traffic is a problem for all of us in the Puget Sound region. Congestion wastes our time and threatens our economy. This year voters will have an opportunity to help tackle the traffic problem.

Roads & Transit, a proposal to expand mass transit and improve roads in the most heavily traveled corridors in Snohomish, King and Pierce counties, is expected to be on the November 2007 ballot. Roads & Transit will be a unified program of investments in highways, light- and commuter-rail, HOV lanes, park-and-ride lots, and express and local bus service.

The Roads & Transit ballot measure is being developed jointly by Sound Transit and the Regional Transportation Investment District (RTID). Its goal is to provide a more reliable transportation network for people and goods by relieving the region’s major chokepoints and connecting the busiest population and job centers.

Roads & Transit will combine two plans:

  • The Sound Transit 2 plan, which would extend the region’s light-rail system to more than 60 miles, create thousands of new Park and Ride slots, and expand bus and commuter-rail service; and
  • RTID’s Blueprint for Progress, which proposes investments in state highways, bridges and local roads in the three counties. The proposed projects will reduce congestion, ease chokepoints and improve safety. They will build on existing investments in key corridors.

To provide maximum benefit, the proposed road and transit improvements are coordinated and build on previous transportation investments. They are concentrated in critical transportation corridors. Please visit the corridor pages to see what projects are proposed.

Extensive public input and years of technical studies have gone into creation of the Roads & Transit package. Sound Transit and RTID have been working together, and with other regional organizations and transportation agencies, to develop the plan. Find a Harley for sale.

Time to act
The Puget Sound region’s population is projected to grow more than 40 percent by 2030. That’s more than 50,000 new people each year in Snohomish, King and Pierce counties. Without transportation investments, traffic will get worse, and solutions will get more expensive. Our quality of life and our economic prosperity depend on it—now and in the future.



What will Roads & Transit do for us?
  • Expand light rail and transit, and improve highways
  • Reduce congestion
  • Move people and goods faster, more reliably
  • Give travelers more options to avoid traffic
  • Fix safety problems
  • Improve freight mobility
  • Coordinate projects to keep people moving during construction
  • Add to existing investments in transit and roads


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